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Improved bogo workshop

Introducing the improved bogo workshop: optimized for all devices, fixed design issues, and added features like RSS feed, coupons, and weight-based shipping. Enhanced product pages, social login, and a comprehensive knowledge base make for a seamless experience.

After a month of dedicated effort, we have successfully developed an enhanced version of the Bogo workshop. We have addressed numerous design and functional issues, resulting in a greatly improved user experience.

Improved concepts:

  • The home page has been updated to include an RSS feed, showcasing the latest and featured products. Additionally, we have included sections for contact information and testimonials.
  • We have introduced a new Coupons page, offering a wide range of discounts. Users can now conveniently scan QR codes to apply discounts during their sessions, or simply copy the coupon codes.
  • To enhance the shopping experience. We have implemented weight-based shipping and free shipping options. Furthermore, all products now offer various variations, allowing customers to customize their orders with different materials and colors.
  • We have eliminated most of the problematic plugins. For a smoother browsing experience. Our pages have also been optimized for fast loading on different devices, achieving a 100% score on Google Page Speed.
  • To simplify the login process, we have added social login and registration options on the login, register, and product pages. Customers can now easily connect through their preferred social networks or WhatsApp, or contact us via email using the implemented contact form.
  • Product descriptions have been thoroughly revised.  Providing clear and concise information to assist customers in making informed decisions. Moreover, the design of the product pages has been enhanced. We incorporate variation swatches for easier selection. Customers can also access QR codes for quick redirection to the checkout page with the default product variation. Added product reviews with star ratings, apply coupons, contact us through a modal window, and register directly as guests.

New fetures:

  • We are excited to introduce a comprehensive Knowledge Base. Accessible over the FAQ page, which contains a wealth of articles and instructions covering various topics.
  • The About page has been completely rewritten. Offering a more engaging and informative overview of our workshop.
  • We have included an Info page with three new sections: Site News, Local Workshop News, and a Blog page. Providing users with up-to-date information and valuable insights.
  • The Shop page has been also improved. Now provide easy access to category pages and a shop RSS feed, facilitating navigation and product discovery.
  • We have introduced a Video Instruction page with three new selections: Classical Instruments, Guitar and Bass, and All About Music, providing informative content for our customers.
  • Lastly, the Customer Account Page has been enhanced to offer a more seamless and user-friendly experience.

We have high hopes that the bogo workshop will serve as a beneficial and valuable resource for new customers seeking various music instruments and related products. With our extensive range of Products, we aim to provide a comprehensive platform. Platform that caters to diverse musical needs and preferences. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned musician, we strive to be your go-to destination for finding the perfect instruments and accessories.

Join us at the bogo workshop and embark on a musical journey like no other.

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