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Bass ramp for Marcus Miller Sire V

Bogo workshop Delivers a satisfying experience to another Valued Customer

Bogo Workshop showcases their exceptional craftsmanship by delivering a perfectly fitted bass ramp for the Marcus Miller Sire V, as evidenced by the satisfaction of their valued customer. Through careful attention to detail and dedicated collaboration, they overcame challenges to create an accurate and precise bass ramp that reflects their commitment to producing high-quality products.

We are thrilled to announce that our new customer has finally received their Bass ramp for the Marcus Miller Sire V bass. Although there was a minor delivery issue, we want to clarify that it was unrelated to our services and was solely attributed to the Hungary Post Office. Despite this setback, we are proud to report that our Bass ramp was expertly crafted without the physical presence of the bass guitar during the production process. Consequently, taking precise measurements of the Marcus Miller Sire V bass was not feasible at the time. However, we are indebted to our esteemed customer, Zoltán Suki, who graciously took on the responsibility of providing us with the necessary measurements through diligent communication and dimension rechecks.

Through accurate craftsmanship, we successfully produced a Bass ramp that exceeded expectations. Constructed from premium Ash wood and finished with a Bleach in Ebony color, the ramp was finaly varnished with acrylic to enhance its durability and aesthetics. Despite not having a physical model for reference, we are pleased to announce that the Bass ramp fits flawlessly, with a remarkable precision of less than 0.2mm. The alignment of the ramp’s holes with the pickguard holes is ideal, ensuring a smooth integration. To further enhance compatibility, we incorporated standard pickguard screws into the design by projecting the screw holes lower.

In an effort to share the satisfaction of this accomplishment, we are delighted to provide a link to Zoltán Suki’s Facebook post, where you can view images of the installed Bass ramp on the Marcus Miller Sire V bass: [LINK].

At bogo Workshop, our ultimate joy stems from the happiness of our customers. We are extremely grateful for their trust and support, and their satisfaction remains our top priority. We take great pride in our ability to consistently deliver quality products that not only meet but exceed expectations.

Thank you for choosing  bogo Workshop, where we take pleasure in creating beautiful pieces customized to your preferences and needs.

Bass ramp for Marcus Miller Sire V

Bass ramp for Marcus Miller Sire V

Bass ramp for Marcus Miller Sire V


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