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Unlocking a New Chapter: Unveiling the Refreshed bogoworkshop.com

Explore the enhanced version of bogoworkshop.com resulting from a month of dedicated work. Despite a long break from coding, I successfully implemented functional improvements and added features to provide customers with a better experience. Discover the journey behind this proud achievement.

After an intense month of diligent effort, I am thrilled to unveil the enhanced version of bogoworkshop.com. Despite my coding gap since 2014, I managed to achieve what I set out to do, although not without some imperfections. Nevertheless, I successfully implemented functional improvements and added numerous features to elevate our customers’ browsing experience. The satisfaction I feel from writing, testing, and implementing the code cannot be understated, even if it came with a considerable financial investment of several thousand euros per year.

Products Pages:

We have now integrated a Total Cost calculation feature on the product pages, allowing you to determine the product subtotal, shipping costs, and overall cost based on quantity and weight-based shipping. Additionally, we’ve included QR codes for products, enabling a easy redirection to the checkout page upon scanning. Please note that the QR codes are static and only applicable to the default product variation. Furthermore, you can conveniently contact us directly from the product pages via a modal window that offers various options such as a contact form, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp (after resolving previous issues related to WhatsApp’s development code changes), and email.

We have also reintroduced the Registration form for Unregistered Customers, which had temporarily disappeared during the previous version’s development. This registration form will now open in a modal window. Social Network Login and Registration processes remain unchanged.

We have successfully implemented Product Reviews and Star Rating at the end of each product page, although with some initial challenges. We have also incorporated Cloudflare spam protection to ensure a secure environment. For new customers, we now offer coupon codes with a convenient “Copy Coupon Code” button included.

In terms of design, we have made slight adjustments to increase page width, ensuring optimal compatibility across various devices. Additionally, the display issues previously encountered on different devices have been resolved, and related products are now back and accessible.

Cart Page:

The Cart Page, which previously posed numerous challenges and dissuaded potential customers from completing their purchases, has undergone significant improvements. We have implemented a design that adapts to different devices, including desktops, tablets, and mobile phones, effectively eliminating previous compatibility issues.

We have also introduced a feature that automatically recalculates Product Subtotals and Shipping Costs based on changes in product quantity. Moreover, shipping costs are now calculated based on the Selected Country and Address. Coupon codes can be applied Manually, by scanning the QR code, or by adding them to the session through the “Apply” button on the coupons page.

We have also addressed a long-standing issue with the countries list, which had persisted unbeknownst to us.

Coupons Page:

The coupons page has undergone notable improvements in both design and functionality. We now provide convenient “Copy Code” buttons, QR codes, and the ability to apply codes to the session.

Category Pages:

We have implemented redesigned Product Category pages that offer enhanced functionalities and an improved visual experience.

Product Tags Pages:

We have introduced new and improved product tags pages, featuring a redesigned layout and enhanced functionalities.

In summary, the hard work and dedication put into the improved version of bogoworkshop.com have yielded impressive results. Despite a long break from coding, the implementation of functional improvements and additional features has significantly enhanced the overall customer experience.

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