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HB LP Clone – A Promising Budget Guitar with Minor Setbacks

One of the projects we've been working on recently is an impressive HB LP clone. Despite its affordable price, this guitar offers remarkable value. However, like most entry-level guitars, it does have a few drawbacks. One major issue is the fretwork, with no apparent fret leveling done during installation. Consequently, the action had to be set higher to mitigate fret buzz. After addressing the fretwork, a neck reset became necessary to further improve the guitar's playability. Although the outcome wasn't entirely satisfying, adjustments to the truss rod helped alleviate the issue. The hardware is generally decent, but there are problems with the 3-way switch and pots. Overall, the guitar is worth buying, but it may require additional investments and adjustments.

We have been working on various projects lately, and one of them deserves special mention—a remarkable HB LP clone. This guitar stands out as an excellent option for its price point, offering exceptional value. However, like many entry-level guitars, it does come with a few minor or major drawbacks. One of the prominent issues we encountered is related to the fretwork. It appears that there was a lack of fret leveling during the installation process. As a result, the action had to be adjusted to a relatively high setting in order to address the fret buzz problem.

After performing the necessary fret leveling, we attempted to lower the action, but it became evident that a neck reset was required. Personally, I wasn’t entirely satisfied with the outcome. We made some improvements by increasing the tension on the truss rod, almost straightening the neck curvature.

Considering the hardware, it is worth noting that it is fairly decent overall, although there are some problems with the 3-way switch and pots.

To sum up, this guitar is definitely worth purchasing, especially considering its price. However, it is important to be aware that additional investments and adjustments may be needed to optimize its performance.


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