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Fender Aerodyne Bass Thumb rest 1

Fender Aerodyne Bass: Custom Thumb Rests for a Satisfied Customer

Satisfied Fender Aerodyne Bass customer: Customized Thumb rests crafted with care. Collaborative design ensures a precise fit. Images available for viewing.

We are thrilled to announce the satisfaction of our valued customer, Michael from the UK, who recently received a specially designed Thumb rest for his Fender Aerodyne Bass Guitar made in Japan back in 2005. Our collaboration with Michael involved several email exchanges to discuss dimensions and desired features, resulting in the creation of more than 30 unique Thumb rest models. However, Michael had a unique vision, and we gladly followed his lead, developing two distinct Thumb rest variations for his Fender Aerodyne Bass made in Japan, differing in height with options at 6mm and 8mm.

We are grateful to Fender Michael for generously sharing images showcasing the installed Thumb rest, providing a visual testament to the exceptional craftsmanship achieved. You can view the images.


Fender Aerodyne Bass Thumb rest 1

Fender Aerodyne Bass Thumb rest 2

Fender Aerodyne Bass Thumb rest 3

Thank you for choosing bogo Workshop, where we take pleasure in creating beautiful pieces customized to your preferences and needs.

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