Cello bridge 1/4 Fitted model

Discover the superior sound and playability of the “Dr. G” 1/4 Cello Fitted Model!

Crafted from high-quality ash or maple wood, perfectly aged and seasoned for an improved tonal quality, projection, and response.

Pictures only represent a model for the preview. Wood and wood cutting method at actual product different from preview model.


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A fitted cello bridge model refers to a cello bridge that has been custom-fitted to a specific instrument. The fitting process involves adjusting the shape and dimensions of the bridge to match the unique contours of the cello’s belly, ensuring a secure and snug fit.


dr G 1/4 cello bridge Fitted model

Fitted cello bridge model comes fitted and tinned to the standard dimensions of a 1/4 cello bridge, which greatly reduces the amount of effort required for further processing, carving, and fitting. It is so easy to use that even you could do it yourself.

Our high-quality cello bridge make a significant difference in the sound and playability of the instrument. Our high-quality ash or maple wood is properly aged and seasoned. Every Bridge is made with attention to detail and the utmost care, making musical expression more enjoyable than ever.

bogo workshop cello bridges improve the tonal quality, projection, and response of the instrument, making it more enjoyable to play and listen to. Blank, therefore requires adjustment. Aged wood with regular, dense grains.

Our cello bridges can be delivered in two forms:

  • Blank – need further processing by professional Luther. Must be thinned out and carved according to the individual cello.
  • Blank thinned – tinned to standard thickness depending on the instrument size. Need further processing by Luther. Must be carved according to the individual cello. Extra fee of 5 euro.

Package Includes:


  • Model: Dr G – 1/4 cello bridge Fitted model
  • Size: Full-size 1/4
  • Finish: Blank, requires adjustment
  • Material: Wood
  • Wood type: Maple, Ash, other wood types are optional
  • Foot spacing outer: Standard/ Customizable dimensions
  • Foot spacing inner: Standard/ Customizable dimensions
  • Foot length: Standard/ Customizable dimensions
  • Height: Standard/ Customizable dimensions

Optional services:

  • Material: Optionally cello bridge can be made of different wood types.
  • Customization:

    Bridge fitting and carving service

    Service is possible without presence of your instrument. Precondition for this service is that you posses old bridge that fits onto your cello body without space between.

Pictures only represent a model for the preview. Wood and wood cutting method at actual product different from preview model.

String instruments bridges are part of bogo workshop production brand:

dr G by bogo workshop


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Additional information

Weight0,3 kg
Dimensions200 × 200 × 50 cm
Wood type

Maple, Ash

Bridge size

Grade of processing



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